Waterman Art

Watercolours inspired by the natural world of the Cotswolds, gardening and life in general

Jeannette’s Work & What Inspires Her

Jeannette Waterman’s watercolours are inspired by the natural world around her home in the Cotswolds, as well as her passion for gardening and life in general.

Born in the UK and spending much of her life in Australia, Jeannette is drawn to colour and light. As a passionate cook and flower arranger, she also has a flair for form, composition, contrast and harmony.

Mother’s Camellia

Having inherited one of my mother’s plants when she moved house, it gives me joy each year when the creamy white flowers come into their own and reminds me of her

Cyclamen Splendour

A joy to see these delicate flowers during the winter months, cheers my soul through the dark days

Tussle of Teasels

I love the shape and silhouette of these prickly stems and loved playing with the softer palette

Redefining herself following the tragic loss of her son in 2019 and then of course the pandemic causing us all to reconsider our place in the world, Jeannette has turned her energies to living a life where art, nature and simple moments can be both uplifting and enriching.

During this time Jeannette has found joy, peace, solace and fulfillment in painting and indeed throughout her life.

She hopes her paintings offer some of these to those who would like to own them.